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Current Priorities

Upon Adoption of the Douglas County Food System Plan in summer 2017, the Food Policy Council established a new set of priorities that target several of the policy action items listed within the plan. (The Plan is organized by Goal --> Objective --> Policy Action Item.) The Council will reassess these priorities in winter 2018-2019. Learn more below and reach out to us if you're interested in engaging with us or have a question! 


Goal 4, Objective 2 (Expand City- and County-led initiatives to make food more affordable) 4.2.1: Reduce and eliminate the sales tax on groceries
Goal 1, Objective 3 (Increase local food purchasing) 1.3.1: Invest in signage, shared infrastructure, and coordinated marketing to support Douglas County farmers markets


Goals 1 & 2 Committee
Goal #1: Agricultural producers, food entrepreneurs, and food sector workers thrive in our regional economy.
Goal 1, Objective #1:  Develop Local Food and Agricultural Businesses. 1.1.1: Maintain currently adopted policies for food systems economic development
Goal 1, Objective #2: Promote local food, farms, and agricultural heritage tourism. 1.2.1: Review the impact of Douglas County agritourism policies and implement changes as needed
Goal #2: As our cities grow, prioritize natural resource conservation and maintain working lands to promote soil health.
Objective #3: Improve soil and water quality. 2.3.4: Conduct an analysis of local impacts from pesticide drift


Goals 3 & 4 Committee
Goal #3: We build and design our communities to ensure food access, foster health, and eliminate food deserts.
Objective #1: Reduce built environment and transportation barriers that limit food access. 3.1.1: Assess the policy barriers that may prevent grocery store locations in recognized food deserts
Objective #3: Make Healthy Food Choices More Convenient. 3.3.3: Establish supports for neighborhood retailers to stock and promote nutritionally-dense food options, including fruits and vegetables
Goal #4: Our community fosters an equitable food system.
Objective #1: Apply equity principles to local government food system efforts.

4.1.2: Engage underserved and traditionally marginalized residents in public local food programs

4.1.5: Adopt a policy to encourage diversity in local government appointments to advisory boards and commissions

4.4.3: Facilitate connections between area agricultural producers and ethnic food retail outlets.


Goal 5 Committee
Goal #5: Our community eliminates waste in our local food system.
Objective #1: Foster a community culture of waste reduction.

5.1.2: Support organizations, institutions, and businesses to conduct food waste audits and implement best practices

Objective #3: Design and implement composting programs for commercial, institutional, and residential settings.

5.3.1: Maintain implementation of the 2012 Solid Waste Task Force report and implementation of Douglas and Jefferson Counties Regional Solid Waste Management Plan.

5.3.2: Analyze the feasibility of expanding the City of Lawrence Solid Waste composting operations to include food waste and compostable food service items.