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What do I need to bring in to obtain a building permit?

With the assistance of the Zoning office to confirm that your parcel is buildable, these are the typical items we need to obtain a building permit.  Depending on the structure (residential, accessory building, shed, swimming pools, etc.), some items may not be necessary for your specific project:

  1. Douglas County Health Department approval of Septic System
  2. Approval of the road access entrance from Township, State or Douglas County Public Works Dept.
  3. Two copies of Construction Drawings
  4. A copy of the property recorded deed
  5. A site plan drawn by a licensed Kansas professional (surveyor, architect, or engineer)

A detailed list of building permit requirements is available at the Zoning & Codes Office at: 3755 E 25th Street, Lawrence, KS  66046 Ph:  785.331.1343  Fax: 785.842/1201