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Info 211

How Do I...


How can I research my parcel? Is it in the floodplain, who services my electric and water, what is my zoning, etc.?

What is my property zoned?  Am I in the Urban Growth Area?  Is my property in the floodplain?  What are the PIN and Parcel numbers for my property?  How much road frontage do I have and how much will I need to build?  Can I measure feet and acreage?  Etc.

Click this link for a guide that will help you locate and utilize the Douglas County Property Viewer. Would you like to research, or learn more about a parcel in the county? Who services water or electric for a parcel? Is my parcel in the floodplain? What is my zoning? Am I in the Urban Growth Area? What is the parcel or pin number for my property? How much road frontage do you have and how much will you need to build? Measuring and drawing tools are also available. If you get stuck researching a parcel call the Zoning and Codes Department at 785-331-1343 or email