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Zoning and Codes

Integrity and excellence are our standards. It is the mission of the Douglas County Zoning and Codes Department to assist our diverse citizenry in understanding the necessity, and application of Zoning Regulations to land use issues. Additionally, through professional guidance and technical expertise we regulate a buildings design, construction, quality of materials, use/occupancy of property, location and maintenance of buildings, structures and related equipment to insure compliance with all applicable codes.


With the approach of cold weather, it is time to remember cold weather concreting practices. Cold weather affects concrete in many ways. Hydration in concrete, the process of gaining strength, is a chemical reaction. When concrete is placed at cold temperatures, hydration can be slowed - and even stopped - which impacts finishing and curing times. Another concern is the permanent damage that concrete may experience if it freezes at an early age. Protecting concrete during the early curing period is important to providing a good quality product.  Douglas County has developed, in partnership with the Cities of Baldwin, Eudora, and Lawrence, a common cold weather concrete guidelines document. These guidelines, along with implementing the recommended measures, can help ensure  a good quality concrete product is achieved.  Cold Weather Concrete Guidelines



The Douglas County Public Works Department and Zoning & Codes Department has relocated to a new facility at 3755 E. 25th Street, Lawrence, KS 66046. With the new location, we also have new office hours.  After April 23, 2015, our new hours of operation is  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for your convenience.

We look forward to conducting business with you at our new facility.

Our Services

Licenses and Permits

Applications and information for licenses and permits for businesses.

Regulations and Fees

Regulations and fees for businesses.

Agritourism Business

Agriculturally-based business that brings visitors to a farm or ranch.

Zoning and Codes documents

Documents for Zoning and Codes.


Douglas County’s Floodplain Management Program, administered through the Zoning and Codes Department.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Sean Reid Director 785-331-1343
Tina Rakes Combination Building Inspector 785-331-1343
Isaac Mallory Combination Building Inspector 785-331-1343
Tonya Voigt Planning & Zoning Coordinator 785-331-1343
Judy Stone Administration Officer 785-331-1343
Kanitha Davis-Englebert Administration Officer 785-331-1343