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Security Procedure Continued

Youth Supervision(Policy Chapter 8)

  • It is important that only staff give a student/resident permission to leave an area so that they are aware of the student/resident’s location at all times.

Lockdown (Policy Chapter 8)

  • If a resident or student is in a room and needs a volunteer’s assistance, the volunteer is to stand outside of the door to the room so that staff can observe them for their safety. Never enter the room without staff present!

Admission to the Secured Area (Policy Chapter 8)

  • No person should be allowed into the detention facility until their identity is known and their purpose is determined.
  • Visitors/volunteers must present some form of photo identification before admission, unless the visitor/volunteer is known to the staff member.
  • Purses, bags and other personal effects (e.g., money, pocket knives, tobacco products, etc.) that are brought into the facility by visitors/volunteers must be secured in a locker before admission. Staff may, at their discretion, require a visitor/volunteer to remove jewelry.
  • No one less than 18 years of age will be allowed to volunteer for the Department of Youth Services.

Doors (Policy Chapter 8)

  • Staff members/ volunteers must never hold the control center door open.
  • Youth are never allowed in the control center for any reason.
  • Staff members/ volunteers are responsible to make sure that each door they pass through is locked and latched behind them.

Control of Contraband (Policy Chapters 8 & 9)

  • Maintenance products (e.g., cleaning chemicals, etc.) will be kept in areas not accessible to youth and can only be used by youth under direct supervision.
  • Any product which is packaged in aluminum cans or glass bottles will not be brought into the secured area unless it is removed from said container.
    • Drink products consumed by staff/volunteers will be transferred into a plastic container with a tightly fitted lid.
    • No food or drinks are allowed near the computers or at Control 1, 2, 3, or 4.
  • Office and arts and crafts supplies and equipment can be used as weapons, etching tools or a hiding places for other items of contraband. The presence of such items within areas accessible by youth shall be regulated as follows:
    • Push pins, thumb tacks, letter openers and craft knives are not allowed in the secured area.
    • Staplers, staples, stapled papers, staple removers, paper clips, and binder clips should be limited to staff-only areas within the secured area.
    • Scissors, pencils, pens (all varieties), markers, paint brushes, rubber bands, erasers, stamp pads, paper punches, compasses, protractors and rulers will be counted before and after the item(s) are used by youth. Youth shall not be released from the activity until the count is complete.
    • Pens are to remain in the possession of staff members or volunteers. Youth shall not have access to pens without the express permission of facility staff.
    • Any juvenile items (drawings) bearing symbols related to gang activity or satanic worship will be confiscated. 

Reporting Abuse/Neglect (Policy Chapter 1):


As a volunteer you are not a mandated reporter. While you are a volunteer with Douglas County Youth Services we expect you to report to staff or Administration any conversations a resident/student may have with you where an incident of alleged child abuse or neglect may have occurred.

We will ask that you complete a Special Incident Report to include:

  • Name of the resident/student involved.
  • A detailed account of the conversation that took place.
  • Name of alleged perpetrator; if known and
  • Any other helpful information

Any person participating without malice in the making of an oral or written report relating to the abuse or neglect of a child or in any follow-up activity to or investigation of the report shall have immunity from any civil liability that might otherwise be incurred or imposed. Any such person shall have immunity with respect to participation in judicial proceedings resulting from the report.

Preventing or interfering with, with the intent to prevent, the making of a report of known or suspected child abuse or neglect is a class B misdemeanor.

Behavior Management (Policy Chapter 10)

Based on a Token-Economy system where the juvenile is given a “checkbook sheet” and is instructed to write down positive and negative feedback based on their behavior. This system allows the residents/students to take responsibility for their behavior by going through a teaching interaction with the staff that allows them to discuss:

  • What the inappropriate behavior was that they displayed.
  • What would have been a more appropriate behavior?
  • Why the behavior was wrong.
  • What were the consequences they received as a result of their behavior?

Consequences will be based on the behavior displayed and will increase as the behavior requires.

  • Step 1- staff will issue a fine/loss of checkbook monies.
  • Step 2- resident/ student may request or be issued a 15 minute cool down by staff.
  • Step 3- resident/ student may be sent to a room for Day Room Restriction by staff
  • Step 4- If behavior persists, resident/ student may be placed on lockdown by staff
    • Some behaviors may require that more restrictive consequences be issued immediately.

Volunteers should inform staff immediately if they encounter any problems with a resident/student such as:

  • Being disrespectful
  • Not following instructions
  • Refusing to participate
  • Being Disruptive

Security Procedures

A security procedure may be called by facility staff anytime there is a juvenile, juveniles or a situation that staff feels is escalating, and they have determined that the facility needs to be “locked down” in an effort to maintain or regain control.

  • If a Security Procedure is called volunteers need to follow staff’s directions.

Emergency Procedures (Policy Chapter 9)

In Case of a Fire or Fire Drill:

  • Day School: Volunteers will follow staff and students out to the parking lot.
  • Detention: Volunteers will follow staff and residents out into the fenced patio area.

In Case of a Tornado or Tornado Drill:

  • All staff, students, residents and volunteers are to take shelter in the Day School Day Room.