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Mission Statement and Introduction

Mission Statement

The Department of Youth Services was established to meet the needs of juveniles who are alleged to have committed or who are adjudicated for juvenile offenses in Douglas County. This department shall:

  • Promote public safety.
  • Hold juveniles we serve accountable for their behavior.
  • Improve the ability of youth to live productively and responsibly in their communities.

Detention Center

The Detention Center was established to provide short term care in secure custody to juveniles who are accused or adjudicated pending court action or awaiting transfer to another facility and who cannot be served in a non-secure setting. Specifically the facility shall:

  • Provide for the juvenile's basic needs, such as shelter, food, clothing and medical care.
  • Prevent the abridgment of the juvenile's legal rights during his/her detainment at the facility.
  • Provide for the physical, emotional, religious, educational and social needs of juveniles during detainment.
  • House the juvenile in a safe, humane environment, maintaining the level of security necessary to prevent escape and assure that juveniles live free of fear of assault or intimidation.


Douglas County Youth Services is dedicated to development of programs which will enrich the lives of youth, or at least provide a learning experience while they are here. We rely on volunteer involvement to assist us in proving innovative and quality programs to the youth we serve. Volunteers may serve in a variety of capacities, e.g. providing services on a short-term basis, becoming a regular participant in current agency programs, completing a practicum or internship program, conducting program evaluations, data collection activities or assisting in implementation of new programs.

Kansas Administrative Regulations require that volunteers at the detention center and the detention day school programs undergo the same recruitment, screening, selection, and performance evaluation process as facility employees.

As volunteers, we will need you to provide the following:
1. An application
2. Information for a criminal background investigation
3. Documentation of freedom from tuberculosis and a health assessment completed by a licensed physician.

Please fill out the criminal background form and seal it in the envelope provided for you. Return the criminal background check with the rest of your completed paperwork. You will be notified if we cannot accept you as a volunteer based on your background investigation.

There are two ways that you may document that you are free of tuberculosis. If you have undergone a physical examination by a physician in which a tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray was administered within the last year, you may obtain a letter from your physician stating that the test was administered and that the results were negative. If you have not undergone a physical recently you will need to arrange one through your personal physician or the Douglas County Health Department. If you are a KU student, Watkins Health Center should be able to accommodate you as well. The Health Assessment and TB test is incurred at your own expense.

This manual will explain Youth Services Programs, Applicable Security Procedures, Information about Dress Code, Contraband and Expectations for Volunteer Conduct, also included are documents for you to sign and return to us confirming your understanding of the rules as they relate to volunteers at DCYS.

We look forward to your involvement with the programs at Douglas County Youth Services.

For more information on volunteering with Youth Services, please visit Volunteer Forms