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Mission Statement:

The Department of Corrections assists youth to become successful and productive citizens by providing leadership and support to:

  • Prevent youth from becoming involved in the juvenile justice system
  • Provide community supervision for youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system
  • Provide safe, secure, humane and restorative confinement of youth to enhance public safety
  • Promote public safety by holding youth accountable for their behavior
  • Improve the ability of youth to live productively and responsibly in their communities

Douglas County Youth Services’ goals are:

  • To keep our community safe
  • To help you to take responsibility for your behavior
  • To help you learn to make better choices in the future

Purpose of this Manual:

The legal system can be really confusing. The people who work in the system sometimes use certain terms and assume everyone else understands what that means. Before we can expect that you follow all the rules, it’s important that you understand the rules. We created this booklet to try to answer the questions you might have about the legal system and to provide you with some tools to help you complete your supervision successfully.

For Parents:

As parents, you are concerned about what’s going to happen to your child now that he/she is involved in the legal system. It might help if we start by explaining what we are here to do:

  • Support your authority as a parent
  • Help your child to follow the orders of the court
  • Help to connect you with resources to help your child succeed
  • Communicate with you about your child

All parents want their children to be happy and successful people. Unfortunately, children tend to make mistakes along the way and some of those mistakes can bring them into the legal system. Our goal is to work with you to help your child get back on the right track. Even though your child is the one on supervision, the court can order you and your family to participate in services. If you fail to follow through with court-ordered services, there could be consequences for you as well as your child. It is important that you encourage your child to follow the orders of the court. You can be most helpful to your child by:

  • Making sure your child attends all appointments with his/her JSO
  • Making sure your child follows the rules
  • Contacting his/her JSO immediately when your child violates the rules
  • Communicating regularly with your child’s JSO about his/her progress
  • Making sure your child attends all appointments for therapy, treatment, etc.
  • Calling your child’s JSO if you have any questions or concerns