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School will be held during traditional school days and during the summer. School is in session six hours each day (except holidays and staff meeting days).You are expected to attend class unless you are sick or have an appointment.

Class Room Expectations:

Be Responsible By:

  • Being on time to class in the morning and after breaks.
  • Bringing all needed materials to class.
  • Remaining on task.
  • Keeping pencil/eraser/with you at all times, except when staff instruct otherwise.
  • Leaving your checkbook sheet outside of the classroom.
  • Using the bathroom on breaks. Bathroom breaks cost $2.00 during class time.
  • Keeping track of assignments.
  • Completing homework.
  • Not talking to other students without permission.
  • Not using the computer for personal use, or to access inappropriate web sites.

Be Respectful of others by:

  • Following the teachers and staff’s instructions.
  • Not swearing or making vulgar noises or obscene gestures.
  • Asking permission to talk to others, or leave your seat.
  • Raising your hand if you have a question.
  • Not writing or passing notes.
  • Not leaving the classroom area without permission.

Be Safe by:

  • Not tipping your desk.
  • Not rolling around in your chair.
  • Keeping the area around your desk neat.
  • Not feeding into the negative behavior of others.
  • Asking permission to walk behind staff.

Kicked Out:

 If you are kicked out of class, you will receive a fine and will be placed on DRR for a minimum of an hour.  You will receive a purchase on your checkbook sheet for missing school. 

Point Sheet

You will be given a daily point sheet and can earn up to 60 points a day. You will be required to take your point sheet home every day and have your point sheet signed by your parent/guardian and return the signed point sheet the next school day. You will receive a purchase if you do not return your signed point sheet.

Point Sheet Expectations
Having all materialsNot having all materials
On time to classLate to class
Staying in your seatBeing out of seat
Being PoliteBeing impolite: making noises or inappropriate gestures
Paying attention to teacherDaydreaming, off-task, sleeping
Ignoring other's inappropriate behavior"Feeding in", swearing out loud or under breath
Talks with permissionTalking without permission
Following verbal directionsMaking remarks to teacher (talking back or arguing)
Turning in assignments on timeInitiating conflicts
Positive social behaviorAnti-Social behavior
Completing assignmentsFailure to complete assignments
Following written directionsFailure to follow directions


All students are required to complete assigned work in each subject at 80% or better or per their ability. Please understand this is only the minimum requirement.

Even if you have the required assignments completed early in the week, you must continue to work on your school work or other assigned or voluntary tasks.

Extended Learning - Teachers may have you stay after school until 4:00pm/1600 hours if you are behind in your school work.


You will be allowed to take restroom breaks during class time, but you may be charged or fined on your checkbook for not taking care of your personal needs during your breaks. Group breaks will be held periodically in the day school area. Obtain permission from staff before going to the restroom or water fountain. (Knock before entering the restroom).


You need to put your name, date, class, assignment number, and the page number at the top of your paper. If you do not complete the assignment with a grade of at least 80%, you will be required to correct your work in an effort to improve your grade. If you need help please ask!

Headings on Paper:

Assignment Number
Page Number

Homework Requirements:

Students may have homework assigned to them by the teaching staff. If you are behind in your school work, it is your responsibility to ask for homework to get caught up. Assignments should be completed and returned on time, to be graded. If you choose not to complete the assignment, there will be negative consequences as you will lose daily points and the ability to buy out time on the weekend. You will also be required to stay after school to complete your assignments and your weekly progress report will reflect your lack of responsibility. You will be required to write down a deposit for textbooks and notebooks that you need to take home to complete homework. Homework and deposits must be approved by the teacher. Refunds will be determined by the teacher and are dependent on getting homework completed. If you are behind on school work, you will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities at your home school.

Transition to Public School

In order to be eligible for transition to public school:

  • Your behavior score must be 85% or better for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks.
  • You must be in compliance with the conditions of your probation or court orders.
  • You must be turning school work in on time and remaining caught up with assignments.
  • You must be recommended for transition by the school staffing team.

Keep in mind that public school transitions often take place at the 9 weeks and semester breaks because it is easier for day school students to rejoin classes at the natural school breaks.

Summer School

Summer School attendance is based on the need to recover credits which is determined by the teaching staff.

Free Fridays

In order to be eligible to participate in “Free Friday”; you must have all of your assignments for the week completed,  have an average behavior score of 85% or higher on your behavior point sheet for the week, and have a positive balance on your checkbook sheet.  This will be determined by teachers and staff.  During “Free Friday”, you may participate in activities as designated by teachers and staff. 


Student of the Week

You are eligible for the Student of the Week recognition by displaying a positive attitude, responding appropriately to criticism, and following the 3 B’s: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.  You must be caught up with your school work.   The Student of the Week will be selected at the weekly school meeting and will be determined by the teachers and staff.   Awardees of the Student of the Week have the option to have their photo added to the “Gotcha!” frame


  • $25.00 earnings on your checkbook sheet.
  • 5 raffle tickets added to the bicycle raffle.
  • 1st in line at meals and dress out times for the week.
  • Free seconds at meals for the week when available.
  • Wear makeup/nail polish for the week.
  • Free buyout time for the week as approved by your JSO.
  • Wear your personal shoes for the week.
  • Carry the Student of the Week checkbook sheet for the week.
  • You may have ice in your water bottle.

Student of the Week privileges last Monday-Friday of the week awarded.  Student of the Week is contingent upon consistent positive behavior and may be revoked at any time if you neglect to continue to follow the rules and expectations.

STUDENT OF THE WEEK WARNING:  You may receive a Student of the Week warning for negative behavior or failure to follow the program.  Once a warning is given, you continue to have Student of the Week privileges.  Student of the Week warnings will be documented in an incident report and reviewed by administration.  The warning is in place until reviewed and removed by Administration.  Administration reviews warnings and level requests on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. If another problem occurs while you are on a warning, you will be removed from Student of the Week.
STUDENT OF THE WEEK REMOVAL:  You may be removed from Student of the Week by staff for negative behavior or failure to follow the program.  If the issue is serious enough, staff may remove you from Student of the Week with no warning. Student of the Week removals will be documented in an incident report and reviewed by Administration.