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Voting and Elections

The Douglas County Clerk serves as the County's Election Officer with the responsibility for the planning and operation of all elections held in the county (as required by Kansas Statutes and Administrative regulations), and maintains all records relating to such elections. These records include:

  • Complete voter information, including precinct, district, and elected official information
  • Eligible voters by precinct and by district
  • Filing declarations, financial reports, and Statements of Substantial Interest for city and county offices
  • Registration and application forms
  • My voter registration
  • Your March 3, 2015 Polling Places

Our Services

Voting Resources

Voting resources for citizens of Douglas County, Kansas.

Current and Upcoming Elections

Current and upcoming elections, including polling places, candidate resources, reports and filing fees.

Past Elections

Past election data, including sample ballots, election results and past polling places.

Election Workers

Information for future and current volunteer election workers.

Department Contacts

Name Job Title Phone Number Email Address
Benjamin Lampe Deputy of Elections 785-832-5267
Julie Ybarra Election Worker Coordinator 785-832-5182
Kathleen Taylor Elections Clerk and Voter Registration 785-832-5167
John Nichols Elections Clerk 785-832-5147