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How do I take a lien off of my title?

How do I take a lien off of my title?

NOTE: You are NOT REQUIRED to obtain a reissued title after the lien is satisfied (paid off).You can sell the vehicle with your title that shows a lien holder on the front if you have a release of lien from the lien holder, giving both to the buyer. However, if the title and the lien release are lost, a new lien release will be required before making application for a reissued title, which will be used as the replacement title.

If the vehicle owner wishes to remove a lien holder's name from a registration receipt, an application for reissued title must be made at the local county treasurer's motor vehicle office.  Bring the notarized lien release and a title will be requested and mailed to you within 5 to 7 days.

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