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What is the policy for controlling dust on the road in front of my house?

Each late-winter, with the approval of the Board of County Commissioners, the Public Works Department has an enrollment period for residents wishing to purchase a "dust control" treatment for the road fronting their property. This is a user-fee program, so the property owner pays up front for the estimated cost of applying the dust control material. In addition, the property owner pays approximately ½ the cost for the road to be prepared for dust control, and an administrative fee to cover our costs of brokering the program. The dust control material is typically applied in late spring

The most common dust control products are calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Both products consist of a "brine solution" found naturally in various regions of the USA. The products have been found to control dust by attracting moisture from the atmosphere causing dust to "clump" together. This aids in dust control in two ways. First, the road surface tends to form a hard crust that does not have loose dust particles. And second, larger and heavier dust particles do not float about as much.

The county does not guarantee the results of the product. We simply provide an enrollment service to allow the collective purchase of the product in a large enough quantity to achieve an economical solution. Once the enrollment period has closed, then departmental staff reviews each location to determine if it has been marked properly. The quantity of dust control required to cover the locations is then calculated and a bid process is initiated.

Once the bid has been awarded then large tank trucks are used to apply the product to the locations throughout the county.

Please note that the road must be properly graded by the maintaining agency (county or township) prior to application of the control. In addition, occasional grading may be required should hazardous potholes develop within the treated segment of road. Degradation of the dust-controlling properties of the control may occur.

If you have any questions you may call the Public Works Department by telephone at 785-832-5293.