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The client has exclusive use of this equipment for the time reserved. To make use of the small wares in the security storage unit or locked cabinets, contact Fairgrounds Maintenance Crew to unlock at (785) 393-8130.

Clients will find the following items in the kitchen:

60” Electric Range with 6 burners and 24” griddle

photo of 60" Electric Range

One Electric Convection Oven

One Commercial Microwave Oven, 1000 watts

One Mobile Bun Pan Rack

Photo of Mobile bun pan rack; Commercial Microwave

 One Electric Hot Food Serving Counter, 58-3/8” Length with (4) 12’x20” hot food wells


Photo of Electric Hot Serving Counter

One 20 qt. Food Mixer

Picture of Food Mixer

Five Stainless Steel Work Tables

Photo of Steel Tables wit User


Wire Storage Rack


Photo of Pans

One Dish Machine

Photo of Dishwasher

Tilting Kettle, Steam Jacket Design, 25-gallon capacity

Photo of Tilting Kettle

One Three Compartment Sink

Photo of Three Compartment Sink


Also Available:

Two One-Compartment Sinks (one with food disposal and sprayer)
One 54” Refrigerator
One 45.9 CU FT Glass Door Merchandiser Refrigerator
One 27” Freezer
One 48” x 18” Pan Prep Table
One Hand Sink
One Soiled Dishtable (with food disposal)
One Ice Maker
A notebook with the Equipment Owners’ Manuals
A restroom and a cleaning supply closet is located directly north of the kitchen

What to Bring

Photo of Supplies
Photo of Supplies

Clients should bring all small wares such as utensils and scales, cookware, bake ware and disposable items, such as plastic wrap, foil, sheet pan liners, towels, test strips etc. It is the responsibility of each client to bring their own ingredients. No personally-owned or rented gas fired appliances will be allowed in the culinary commons kitchen.

Cleaning and Supplies

Each client is responsible for cleaning the kitchen as part of their kitchen use including all countertops, cabinets, equipment, tables and floors. The Culinary Commons Incubator Kitchen will supply all the necessary cleaning supplies. A trash dumpster is located east of Building 21.

All clients are required to empty their trash from the kitchen. If the kitchen is not clean upon inspection after client use, the aforementioned deposit of $150.00 will not be refunded.


Culinary Commons features a Storage Unit filled with small wares. To access, approved clients must be granted permission by contacting the K-State Research and Extension – Douglas County Office at (785) 843-7058.

The Incubator Kitchen does not provide on-site storage units.