Property of the Facility, The Token Economy

Property of the Facility:

All furnishings and equipment in the facility belongs to Douglas County.  It was purchased for staff, student, and resident use. You are expected to treat property with care and use it in the correct manner. Writing on any building or equipment surface shall be considered graffiti. Any damage to property will result in consequences and a police report may be filed.

Control Room, Control Counters:

For Staff only, you are not to touch, or remain in close proximity to any of these areas. If you need a staff member who is in the control room wait until they come out. If you are called to a control counter, you must stand an arm’s length away at all times. Failure to do so will result in a fine.


You will be expected to help keep the facility clean by working in the kitchen and completing daily chores. Extra chores will be assigned during breaks. You are expected to be responsible with chemicals and cleaning equipment. If you are behind in school work, you will be placed on the no chore list. The teaching staff determines which students are on the no chore list.

The Token Economy

Check Book Sheet:

Your checkbook balance is your money.  It is not real money, but it works in the same way.  You can use it to purchase privileges and other items.  You may only purchase privileges if you have a positive balance (above $0.00) on your checkbook.  A negative balance (below $0.00) is known as "in the hole."  Maintaining a positive balance allows you to be eligible to purchase weekend privileges while on house arrest, i.e. later curfew, time out, etc.
You are responsible to know the whereabouts of your checkbook sheet, pencil, and eraser at all times. You will receive consequences if they are left unattended.  You are expected to keep your pencil in the pencil caddy when not on your person or when you are in the Day Room.

  • During class, your checkbook sheet will need to be at Control 3.  
  • If you cause a Security Procedure by losing your pencil or eraser, you will receive a fine and possibly after school time and DRR.  
  • You will need to record earnings, purchases, and fines and calculate the balance after each transaction.  
  • Write the initials of the staff member who issued you the feedback, fine, or purchase outside of the space provided for staff’s initials.
  • It is important that you record each transaction accurately and that it is signed by staff.
  • Ask staff (politely) to verify each transaction by signing in the space provided.
  • You are responsible for checking back on your fines before the end of the shift in which you received them. Failing to do so will result in consequences.
  • Checkbook sheets shall be free of graffiti, drawings, and gang related writing.
  • If you lose your check book sheet you will receive a new checkbook sheet with the previous day’s balance and a $25.00 fine.
  • If staff determine that you are cheating on your checkbook sheet, the amount you cheated may be doubled and a fine may be added.  Failing to write down a fine or purchase may result in a fine.

In The Hole:
A negative balance (in the hole) should be in brackets on your checkbook sheet.  When you are in the hole, you will be expected to earn your way back to a positive balance. You won’t be able to make any purchase until you are in the positive on your checkbook sheet.