Personal Care


Nurses from the Lawrence/Douglas County Health Department will be here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to complete physicals and to check on medical issues you may have. You need to let staff know if you are having any medical issues, so they can ensure that you are seen by the nurse. We take medical requests very seriously. You will be required to write down a purchase if you are wasting the nurse’s time.

Sick Bed:

If you are sick, you still must report to school. If you become ill or if you feel that you need medical attention, please let staff know.

If you are ill (cold, flu, sore throat, severe headache, fever or vomiting etc.) you will be given whatever medical attention is necessary.

  • You will be placed on sickbed and expected to stay in a room.


All medicine will be locked in the medical room.
Medicine will generally be given out at 8:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m./1600 hours, and 8:00 p.m./2000 hours. Over the counter medications are generally administered at 12:00p.m./1200 hours, 4:00 p.m./1600 hours and 8:00 p.m./2000 hours.

  • You are expected to take your medication as directed.
  • You are responsible for your medication and will need to remind staff when you are to take your medication. It is your responsibility to notify staff if you don’t receive your medication.
  • Refusal to take medications or complete medical treatments as prescribed prevents us from ensuring that you receive proper medical treatment while you are in Day School.
  • If you have been prescribed medication or treatment by your physician, or the facility nurse, and you refuse to comply, you will be placed on DRR until you take the medication or complete the medical treatment.
    • Your parents or guardians are responsible for providing and refilling medications as needed.
    • You are not allowed to bring medication on the bus unless otherwise directed by staff.

Medical Appointments:

If you need to miss school for a doctor's appointment, mental health evaluation, therapy etc., your parent/guardian will need to notify your JSO or truancy officer. Upon your return to school, you are required to bring a doctor's note to verify your attendance at the appointment. Failure to return a doctor’s note may result in consequences such as staying after school.

Self Harming Behavior:

If you have a past history of self harming behavior or make comments that would lead staff to believe that you might harm yourself, you will be required to use safety blankets and wear the safety smock any time that you are placed in a room with the door closed.(i.e. lockdown, shift change). You may submit a written request to be allowed to discontinue using black safety blankets and wearing the smock to Administration. Administration will contact mental health center staff so they can meet with you to determine if you need to continue with safety precautions.

  • If you are in crisis, staff will contact the Headquarters hotline and/or the Bert Nash Mental Health Center to assist you.

Drug Testing:

There will be times when the person responsible for your case will request a UA from you.  You will be notified when a UA has been requested.  You will be required to write down a $100.00 deposit and complete the UA before leaving school for that day in order to receive a full refund of your deposit.  If your UA results are positive, you will receive a $50.00 purchase on your checkbook sheet and your urine specimen will be sent into the lab for further testing and levels.


Your clothing will be stored in your locker while you are in day school. Your locker may be searched by staff at anytime to inspect for contraband. You will be wearing facility clothing and shoes (depending on your level) while in day school. You will be expected to be fully clothed, including socks and shoes, at all times. Boys are required to wear briefs or boxer briefs due to the physical education activities. Girls must wear bras with no underwire and panties (no bikini or thong style underwear). No makeup, fingernail, or toenail polish, jewelry, acrylic nails, barrettes, bobby pins, or any other accessories are allowed. Clothing should be appropriate and not of a provocative nature. Socks must be white. Slippers are not allowed. Wearing inappropriate clothing will result in you being required to rent facility clothing for the day.

Clothing is to be worn properly, as designed: pants will not sag or bag; clothing will not be worn inside-out; sleeves and pant legs will not be pushed or rolled up.

Personal Hygiene:

You will be expected to have performed appropriate personal hygiene before coming to day school. This means you have showered or bathed recently and have clean and neatly combed hair. If you arrive in an unkempt manner, you will be instructed by staff to perform personal hygiene tasks (i.e., shower, brush teeth, or comb your hair.). You will receive a purchase for shower and/or staff time. Feminine hygiene products will be provided by the facility.


Clean clothes will be given to you each school day. You are expected to wear them throughout the day. If you get a stain on your clothes, you are expected to bring it to staff’s attention and follow their instructions for treating the stain.

After you have changed into your street clothes, you are expected to place your Day School clothes in the laundry cart. Clothes should be right side out. The day school locker room should also be left in an orderly fashion.