Day School Routine

General Conduct:

There are consequences for all behavior. You will make the decision to display appropriate or inappropriate behavior. The day school program utilizes the token economy system to manage student behaviors. This system encourages each student to display appropriate behavior. You will be expected to treat your peers, teaching staff, Criminal Justice Services staff, and visitors with respect. Abusive treatment of others by use of force or coercion, threatening or degrading language or behavior will not be tolerated. If you behave in such a manner, expect to receive consequences for your behavior.


When you arrive to the Day School, you are to remain quiet in the lobby until a staff member comes to get you. You are to follow the instructions of staff. You will be pat searched prior to changing into day school clothing. Your property will be searched and stored in your day school locker. You are ONLY allowed to bring a picture ID and your house key. If you are in transition to public school you may bring a backpack that contains school materials only. You must have prior permission from your JSO to bring other items to day school. Bringing items to school that are not allowed, or were not authorized, may result in fines and other consequences as determined by staff.

Staff: Corrections Officers, Teachers, Paraprofessionals, Administration, Juvenile Services Officer (JSO), Volunteers, Nurse

The staff and teachers are here to help you learn and assist you in having success in the Day School program. If something is frustrating you and you wish to discuss it appropriately, they are willing to listen and assist you in whatever way they can. If you choose not to do what is asked of you, or if you choose to act inappropriately, you are also choosing the consequences.

Contact Request Forms:

If you need to speak to any member of administration or your JSO if you have one, you will need to fill out a contact request form during your school breaks.  Try to be specific about what you need to speak with Administration or your officer about so they can determine the priority your request should be given. These forms are located on the bookshelf.  This form will be turned in by staff and the person that you requested to speak to will meet with you at his or her convenience.  You only need to fill out one form per request.

Telephone and Field Surveillance (Probation and Conditions of Release (COR) youth ONLY)

Telephone and field surveillance will be conducted by corrections staff on a daily basis. Surveillance helps your JSO to know if you are following the rules, especially your curfew. There are two types of surveillance:

  • Field – A staff person from CJS-YS will stop by your house after your curfew to see if you are there.
  • Telephone – A staff person from CJS-YS will call you on the phone to make sure you are home. If no one answers, staff will leave a message. If you miss a call, you need to call back immediately. If a parent or guardian calls the facility to report problems with you at home you will receive a purchase on your checkbook sheet.

You will have the opportunity to earn positive feedback if you are where you are supposed to be when staff contacts you for surveillance. If you are not available or not where you are supposed to be, you will receive a purchase on your checkbook sheet.  Your JSO will provide you with surveillance feedback. 


You will be given several forms to take home for your parents/guardians to fill out and sign.

  • Health History: The health history is information we are required to keep on each youth who attends school or is housed at the facility in order to comply with our State license.
  • Medical Consent: The medical consent allows Youth Services staff to dispense medications prescribed for you and/or over the counter medications (i.e. Tylenol, cough drops, antacids) when you are not feeling well. The medical consent also gives permission for you to participate in the Bert Nash counseling group.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Form:  The TB skin test is a required health screening tool for all youth who attend school at the facility.  You will only be required to take the form home for signature if we have no record of a current TB skin test. 
  • Transportation Release: This transportation release allows CJS-YS staff to transport you should you miss the bus or be required to stay after school.
  • Bus Behavior Contract: The bus contract outlines the school district’s expectations about your behavior on the bus.
  • Free and Reduced Meal: The meal form determines your eligibility to participate in the free breakfast and lunch program. You will still be provided with breakfasts and lunches whether you qualify for the program or not.
  • Dental Consent Form: The Douglas County Dental Clinic Friendly Smiles program provides dental services at the CUS-YS building twice per school year. If you would like to receive dental services you need to have the form completed by your parent or guardian. 

 You will be required to write down a deposit on your checkbook sheet to ensure the forms are returned the next day.  If you return forms the next school day you will receive positive feedback, if the forms are not returned the next school day you will lose your deposit and be issued an additional deposit each day you do not return forms signed by your parent/guardian.


You are expected to ride the school bus to day school every day. Transportation expectations are, but not limited to, the following:

1. You must stay seated at all times.
2. Be courteous, and do not use profane language.
3. No eating or drinking on the bus.
4. Keep the bus clean.
5. Cooperate with the bus driver.
6. No smoking.
7. No destructive behavior.
8. Keep hands, feet, and head inside the bus.
9. Females sit with females, males with males.
10. No gum or candy.
11. Do not leave anything on the bus.

The bus driver will provide behavior/conduct reports to the Youth Services staff.  Inappropriate behavior will result in consequences. If the bus driver reports that your behavior on the bus has been inappropriate, you will receive a substantial purchase on your checkbook sheet and will be expected to write an apology letter to the bus driver using the steps to an apology outlined later in this manual.  You will need to have the letter signed by the bus driver and return it to staff the next day.  You will receive feedback when this letter has been returned to staff.  A copy of the behavior/conduct report will be forwarded to your parent/guardian. if you receive a bus incident report, you may have to stay after school until 4:00p.m./1600 hours or 8:00p.m./2000 hours, and a $100.00 purchase will be assessed.

If you miss the bus and get a ride to school before 08:30a.m., you will only receive a $50.00 purchase on your checkbook sheet. If staff has to give you a ride or you arrive after 08:30a.m., you will receive a $100.00 purchase. If you miss the bus multiple times in a week, you will receive additional consequences.

Physical Contact:

Horseplay, wrestling, hitting, back-rubs or any kind of contact will not be allowed. The consequences will depend on the seriousness of the offense. The only acceptable form of physical contact with another youth or staff member is a simple handshake.